Please let us know if  you are experiencing low water pressure or suspect a leak.

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FAQ on Leaks and Outages

We notify our customers through calling and emailing. So, ensure your information is up-to-date by calling us at (615) 794-5947 or logging into your account.

YES.  We are continually taking samples and testing from multiple areas throughout our water system.  Our staff reports testing results to comply with our regulations. You can view the water reports here.

Air in the water can make it appear cloudy. Fill a container with the water and let it sit for a minute as it clears from the bottom up. If it is still cloudy after this, please contact us immediately.

After a water main break, the rush of new water into the repaired system can stir up sediments and can cause discoloration. This may also introduce air that can make the water appear cloudy. This is all normal after any water line repair and your water is safe.

Understanding your meter is important. We’ve put together this helpful guide here.

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