If you have any questions about your service or your bill, why not try our FAQ page first to see if your question might be answered there.  If not, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.  At Milcrofton Utility District, we are here to serve by providing the purest water and the best customer service.

Click here for our ***COLD WEATHER NOTICE*** It is that time of year that colder weather is upon us. Consider leaving a faucet at the far end of your house dripping steadily to keep water moving so it does not freeze. Also consider leaving a used welcome mat (with rubber backing) over your meter box to hold in the ground heat or a bale of straw on top of the water meter box to prevent your service from freezing.

If you are going out of town turn off the service at the meter box and open your waterlines in the house to drain the lines and allow air into the pipes for expansion should they freeze (don’t forget to turn off any faucets after draining the waterlines). One customer stated the HOA won’t allow a welcome mat over the water meter or a bale of straw on the meter box. Consider running an extension cord and using some electrical heat wrap to keep things warm in the meter box as an alternative. Any of these suggestions above will be helpful when battling the artic air that’s headed our way.

***New Water Rates posted HERE on August 24, 2022. A notification will also be on the new water bills with a due date of 10/1/2022. Water rates are now effective for any bill with a due date on or after October 1, 2022.***

Please ensure the contact number for your account is current.

You can make phone updates to your account by logging into the Milcrofton website, www.milcrofton.gov, selecting the Pay Your Bill tab, and clicking on the on-line bill pay link.   When in the Milcrofton portal, select communication preferences. Alternately, you may call Milcrofton Customer Service at 615-794-5947, ext. 4.

MAILING ADDRESS:   6333 Arno Road       Franklin, TN   37064 – 7902

You can use the pay by phone option by calling (615) 203-0427.

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BACKFLOW DETAIL  Please take note as you will be required to move any backflow device installed after 1/22/2020 if it does not abide by the new requirements.  You or your installer should always check the water providers current requirements before installing a potential cross connection.  Knowing the requirements for the backflow prevention device with the water provider ensures public safety.  Any new irrigation systems being installed should have a backflow test done at start up. Please contact Milcrofton for conducting backflow testing as we are the only approved tester for backflow devices in our system.